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hi you beautiful born miracle on earth hi im a born president whether in heaven or as this world we are and i was wonder what kind of peace you declaire as you whether in heaven or as this life here on earth because what could you be in life as someone born just like me as this world of endless choices to become as a peacemaker whether in heaven or as this world that we are as lifes miracles whether born angels or lives here on earth like you and me because maybe be our questions are as equal as us being born president wondering if the other might declaire anything other then born usa president from birth in heaven or here as this world we are as we might day dream or dream away about what we could be because im sure i declaire being a president equal to every life of our usa and world of endless peacemakers that we can grow to be and become as this beautiful life forever and always as some kind of peacemaker anyone could decide on and declaire it to ones self if not to all the world like to god and every angel of forever and always as this beautiful life that we all are as miracles

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Are use ever gonna work on making a Wu-Tang biopic?

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Lol idk you but I think you've changed. You were a handsome yung man, that transformed into a sexy musical legend aka Method Man.

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@methodmanofficial oh yes u have...more handsome....even the part in Peppermint made me say, “JEEVUS...Can this man get more handsome?!”...like fine wine...keep grinding my Brutha...

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I got a poor mans panache I be stretching the ca$h

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I'm an aspiring artist . Check out my page and support by likes and comments ❄️😘❄️

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Meth beat makes me wanna fight get hyped, come to do shows

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Method Man how are you My name is Stephen I’m a native Staten Islander born and raised. I was hoping if you could please go follow my brothers page @prayforchrisroadtorecovery and read my brother Chris’s story. He was in a tragic accident in Colombia 2 months ago and is now a complete quadriplegic. If you could please send your prayers and blessings and repost his page it would be greatly appreciated. We’re also throwing a big fundraiser for him in Staten Island this Sunday and I would like to send you and invite to join us. Thank you 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Peace Knowledge Born... 📥

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Meth I’m from Saudi Arabia and you’re my best in hip hop legend for real❤️❤️❤️