@taipeifoodie Instagram Profile 20 December, 2018

Ahhhh I need to visit Bangkok again!! 🤩😍🤤

@amro_global Instagram Profile 21 December, 2018

I’ve tried to experience this for years. Unfortunately my trips to Bangkok have always been last minute, but one of the first things I always do is call/email the restaurant in hopes I can get a reservation. I’ve been un successful so far 😢 and I’m unsuccessful again this year, but I’ll call the days I’m there and hope someone cancels 🙏🏼

@tashouz Instagram Profile 9 hours ago

THANK YOU so much for the incredible menu, our family had the best time. It was our first holiday together in over a decade and what a way to celebrate 😍 @ayladeheney thank you to A, Ta and the rest of the team for making our Gaggan experience so special!!!

@zackarak Instagram Profile 8 hours ago

Just left @gaggan_anand and it was the most insane experience! Wonderful job on this menu, out of this world!! Thank you!!!!

@em3blue Instagram Profile 25 December, 2018

We made a booking months ago for tonight, celebrating our honeymoon and Christmas. So stoked to try the new menu! 🥳

@alonefrayim Instagram Profile 27 December, 2018

I will remember this menu........ for a long time. Thank you.

@zealguem Instagram Profile 30 December, 2018

@gaggan_anand Went yesterday with my wife! It's an amazing experience food wise and your music taste is on point🙌😎! Woke up and looked for the next foofighters concert in Europe! Btw, Vladimir is a brilliant sommelier!

@jezieboi Instagram Profile 30 December, 2018

I need to come to your resturant before you close in 2020.

@carly504 Instagram Profile 4 January, 2019

Thank you and your team for an incredible experience and meal tonight, @gaggan_anand!! Amazing memories that our taste buds will never forget. Hope to see you in New Orleans in the U.S. one day!! 🙌🏻

@nectardebass Instagram Profile 6 January, 2019

Enjoyed the menu a few days ago in the kitchen. Amazing. What an experience. 🙏

@reenabrar123 Instagram Profile 11 January, 2019

Coming tomorrow...I’ve never been more excited for food!!!

@justinedavid43 Instagram Profile 23 hours ago

We experienced it yesterday 🙋🏻‍♀️ mind blown from beginning to end! Thank u so much!! ☺️😋

@eatnrunninja Instagram Profile 2 February, 2019

I am flying over just for this meal, hopefully soon

@domi.soares Instagram Profile 7 March, 2019

I will be in BKK in the end april and I pretend to visit Gaggan. Until then will the menu change? @gaggan_anand

@foodkidsandnosleep Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

I'd love to eat here! Just got to wait until the kids are a bit older!