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Omg!! It’s impossible to understand this unless you’re dealing with it. This is dead on!!! 🙏🏼

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Acey-Lane.com🎥🎤🎧my first music video about domestic violence ..!thanks for you feedback😉

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Download @rusafe_app - an app that can save lives. Every 9 seconds a woman is abused ... help end domestic violence today.

@schwagdragon Instagram Profile 19 February, 2019

Drug addiction was the only other thing that came close to this, for me. A constant fight with something you can no longer have being in recovery.. I still think dealing with the abuse from a human I LOVED was worse. Far worse. Thank God I've survived both!! 💜 I deserve more than abuse, from myself *and* others.

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I am a survivor and almost a year on I’m still fighting those battles but making progress. We’re survivors. We survived. I’m not going to let it define me anymore 🤞🏼💛

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Forced to still have contact because of children which makes daily battles that much harder...

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True fact , my therapist told me I was having arguments with someone who wasn’t there