@dstar2u Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Yes, they were the cute crew. I do wish they all could have mended their friendship. But Kandi's messy ass crew won't allow that to happen. Friends make mistakes too and can be forgiven and make their friendship stronger from there on out.

@starkspamela Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Yess and some time ppl are in your life for only a season 😩

@alisonstj Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Yes we missed them 3.. @kandi You have to be able to forgive and forget🙏🏽

@nevathalast Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Maybe RHOA will bring Phaedra back to clear things with Kandi since you & Kandi are in a much better place.

@lovinglynette Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Y’all need to get back together. If y’all can deal with NeNe shit then it’s all good 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

@piscesdove0875 Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

It looked genuine until Kandi fake ass switched up cuz she finally had a man and potent

@turnerhuff9070 Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

Love them all stop the Bull S—t and support each other. Y’all all beautiful Queens

@laurarodifer Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

Those were some great times especially the friendship between Kandi & Phaedra. I really don't understand why Phaedra went after Kandi the way she did and how she did. How in the hell charges weren't placed against her is beyond me. I know many say the "reality" on these shows are anything but real but Kandi's reaction to what Phaedra & Porsha did seemed very real to me.

@dales_legacy81 Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

Phaedra fucked that up. Idc if you were mad about her not being there as much as you wanted, that shit was foul and kandi has every right to never fuck with her again

@kandikoatedupdates Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

@cherylthtfitchic umm if someone did you the way Phaedra did her you’d be mad to!! Her career could have been permanently damaged upon a lie! So fact check before you start talking! An there is a list of ppl who have done shitty things to her that she has forgave! So have several seats

@kandikoatedupdates Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

@mssomebody2 she was going through her own stuff with her mom and her husband and planning a wedding. So please be seated and get off your high horse like you haven’t ever missed out on checking on a friend

@cherylthtfitchic Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

@kandikoatedupdates grl BYE!!! She's evil and hateful... PERIODT her and nene... kandi lets her HUSBAND sleep with other women... her MORALS are #SHOT yet u can't move past a lil half truth rumor😣🙄

@uchitravels Instagram Profile 19 March, 2019

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@redhotdoll Instagram Profile 21 March, 2019

Till Phaedra got jealous of all of Kandi success* & Kandi was on Apollo side cuz Phaedra did her husband wrong

@maya_lady_boss Instagram Profile 22 March, 2019

Really sad see that happened. Phaedra done gone too on far. Friends don’t do it like that. Period

@phineart Instagram Profile 23 March, 2019

Phaedra should've paid what she owed. Trying to short your good friend's man? Umm, no. No, I don't miss her. At all.